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Upgrade your biology, health and mind to the highest level with Dave Asprey. Join The Upgrade Collective, the Dave Asprey private mentorship program today!

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What you'll receive

One year access to 5 Dave Asprey courses, and our personal development course – Be Unlimited

Quarterly access to community calls with Dave Asprey

Access to an extraordinary 500+ community and live audience access to Dave's podcast recordings

Exclusive discounts on exciting products and special offers

A deep immersion into the science and tools of biohacking.

Join an incredible community for a life-changing journey. With Dave Asprey and a community of like-minded individuals by your side, discover the limitless energy and high performance that come from upgrading your biology, health and mind.
Mel Dresden
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"My Upgrade Collective experience has been life changing. The investment in this program to optimize my health is priceless."
Sean Plotkin
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"I love the community engagement, support and enthusiasm. We're all on our own journey but now I don't feel confused or alone."
Patti Parkis
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"Dave is very approachable, incredibly knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humor. He genuinely enjoys helping people in their biohacking quest."
Brandon Spencer
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"The Upgrade Collective has given me the courage and enthusiasm to place a high value on seeking genuine self-care and healing. Everyone I've met in this group has been so inquisitive, kind, and such a wealth of information!"
Talie Morrison
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“Dave Asprey is an incredible resource. He is so willing to share it and to help people.”
Mia Barbosa
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"Dave Asprey has been heaven sent. I don't have the appropriate words to describe the difference he has made to our "collective" lives and for the lives of generations to come. Forever grateful."
James Clement
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"I'm blown away with the cutting-edge advice that Upgrade Collective provides its members. They follow all of the areas where human enhancement is currently available and make this info useful to its members."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! What you receive depends on whether you select the Standard or VIP Access annual membership plan. If you just want to access Dave’s five courses (Bulletproof Diet, Game Changers, Fast this Way, Head Strong and Super Human) and our personal development course for one year, the Standard Plan is for you. If you want to access the courses, join the community, receive group coaching and attend the live calls with Dave and guest teachers, choose the VIP Access Plan.
The time commitment will vary weekly. We suggest prioritizing at least 90 minutes each week for watching the videos, reading blog posts and listening to the recommended podcasts. Additionally, we will teach you practices that you can integrate into your daily routines. Ultimately how much time you dedicate is up to you.
Once per month we host a 90-minute session with an expert from the fields of health, wellness or personal growth. This is a great opportunity to learn from them and ask any questions you have. Guests for 2022 include Dr. Mercola, Sergey Young (Longevity), Emily Fletcher (Meditation), Dr. Pompa (cellular health), James Nestor (author of Breath), and Alberto Villoldo (founder of the Four Winds Society). Following each expert’s session, our Coaches will help you then make positive changes based on what you learned through a series of dedicated group coaching calls.
Typically on alternate Thursdays at 10am Pacific Time, our Coaches hold a one-hour group coaching session called ‘Upgrade You.’ The focus in these sessions is how to personalize and implement what you are learning into behavioral change. It’s also a great way to meet and connect with your tribe!
The Human Potential Institute (HPI) was started 7 years ago by Dave Asprey and Dr. Mark Atkinson, MBBS. We’ve trained more than 1,000 people to become Coaches in our course which has earned the highest level of certification possible for a Coach training program. HPI helps deliver and manage the Upgrade Collective.
If you decide not to renew, email us at least one week before your annual renewal date and we will cancel it. Our email is
If within 14 days of enrolling you decide not to continue, email us at and we will issue a refund. No questions asked. Thereafter the program is non-refundable.

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